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The first step is to get your plant information into the database. We can import it from another electronic format or you can manually enter it. Items in the left column are 'inactive' and will NOT display in your catalog. You can add, edit, delete, deactivate or publish/activate records at any time.

How Catalog Wizard™ Works

Quick, easy to use and completely customizable

Catalog Wizard is the easiest and quickest way to create catalog pages from your plant or product data.

To create your catalog from a database, simply:

Some of our customers have multiple page styles to select from. For example, they have more of a 'listing' page for their common products and then another template for the focused products with large images and expanded descriptions.

Select a starting page number

You can select a starting page number for any catalog or catalog section you create. For example, you may have 4 pages of custom designed content at the start of your catalog so you want the Catalog Wizard pages to start with page number 5.