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Garden Crossings is an online and bricks and mortar garden center that uses Catalog Wizard to allow website users to create their own catalog.

Catalogs from your database

Catalogs created from your data in a minute for 100+ page catalogs

With Catalog Wizard™, you can quickly create custom catalogs from plant or product data you have entered into an online Clarity Console™ database. Enter and update information until you click "Make My Catalog".

Catalog Wizard allows you to:

  • Quickly produce catalogs from a few pages to hundreds of pages
  • Create focused mini-catalogs by selecting one or more categories of plants or products to include
  • Print the catalog PDF on your own printer or send it to a commercial printer for larger print runs

If you're interested in a free demonstration of Catalog Wizard, please contact us.

Custom Catalog Design

Catalog Wizard is a great way to create the 'bulk' of your catalog, but you will still need to have custom catalog design for the covers (front, back and inside) and other important pages. We design those pages and then incorporate them into the PDF document created by Catalog Wizard to have one file for the printer.

We also offer 'cover-to-cover custom design' without using the Catalog Wizard if that suits your needs better. Give us a call and we'll help figure out the best way to move forward with your catalog project.